Dr. Bradley Nelson
I believe that The Body Code System is the most advanced method of energetic healing and of natural healing that exists on the planet today.

It’s really amazing. And while I would love to take credit for it, I will never do that because I believe that I’m just the messenger. I believe that everything that has happened to me in my life has prepared me to be this messenger, to bring The Body Code System to the world, to bring The Emotion Code to the world, to give back the healing birthright that belongs to every single one of us, to turn us back into the healers that we are capable of being.

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It is a secret that has transformed my life and the lives of thousands of people across the world…and I know it will do the same for you.
Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often effect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body's own healing power.

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In the newly revised and expanded edition of his bestselling book THE EMOTION CODE: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (May 7, 2019; St. Martin’s Essentials; $27.99), veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson shares how to identify and release the emotional baggage that harms physical and mental health and relationships.

Dr. Nelson is among the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology. Over almost three decades as a holistic physician, Dr. Nelson discerned that the vast majority of physical pain, disease and mental and emotional problems his patients suffered was rooted in the trapped emotions we carry from hurtful life experiences. These trapped emotions can also extract a heavy mental and emotional toll, impacting how we think, the choices we make, and the level of success and abundance we’re able to achieve. Perhaps most damaging of all, trapped emotional energies can gather around your heart, cutting off our ability to give and receive love.

THE EMOTION CODE offers a powerful and simple method for anyone to rid themselves of this unseen baggage, giving readers the tools to identify and release the trapped emotions in their lives, eliminating emotional baggage, and opening the heart and body to the positive energies of the world. Dr. Nelson clearly outlines the ways that trapped emotions can impact our physical and psychological well-being, and explains how the practice of muscle testing opens a line of communication with the subconscious mind, to determine what the body needs to heal. He outlines step by step how to both identify and release trapped emotions in the body, and explains how some emotional energies are passed on from parent to child, continuing through generations. Animals have emotions too, and Dr. Nelson includes a chapter on helping correct physical and behavioral problems by freeing trapped emotions.

Filled with real-world examples from many years of clinical practice, THE EMOTION CODE is a distinct and authoritative work that has become a classic on self-healing.

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