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  •  Discover what's going on in your unconscious mind
  •  Learn how to release painful, negative emotions
  •  Gain holistic ways to heal the mind AND body
These packages have been developed for people committed to the healing process. The problems you have did not happen overnight, and it is unrealistic to believe they will be gone in one session.
15 x 2-Hour Sessions
4-Webinar Course
Titles: Personal Empowerment, Tools To Release Stress, Relationships, Overcoming Addictions
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Tools To Release Stress 
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Relationships
Understand How Your Mind Works! When You Understand You Can Go Beyond Where You Are Now And Have A Whole New Perspective On Your Life. This Is Where Real Change Occurs!

Shift Your Heartbreak Is To Victory.

Address Traumas, Stress, Relationship Issues, Finances, Low Self Esteem, PTSD, Addictions,Etc.

Release And Change What You Thought Was Impossible! 

Let Me Help You Change Those Traumatic Events Held In The Unconscious. 

When You Change Your Painful Memories, You Will Find Freedom!

Get Honest With Yourself Of What You Hold Inside. The Hardest Thing We Will Ever Have To Do Is Look At The Truth Inside Of Us Instead Of Blaming Others. 

When You Change The Silent Struggles Within; The Brilliance Of Who You Are Will Shine Through.

Once You Had Low Self Esteem; You Will Now Find Confidence In Knowing You Are Enough Just The Way You Are. You Will No Longer Need To Try To Please Anyone Else. You Shifted The Beliefs You Made As A Child And Now You Have A New Understanding.  

When You Do The Work The Reward Is You!  

Make The Decision Now You Are Worth It! Invest In You! Today You Get To Be The One That Is Important Enough To Be First In Your Own Life.  
Transformational Deep Change Work
3 Days for 6-Hours a Day
2 x 2-Hour Follow-Up Sessions 
We will do deep change work in 
Las Vegas or fly Laura to you 
anywhere in the world.
If You Are Ready To Just Go To The Place That You Have Been Afraid To Go...


Then It Is Time To Just Finally Go 
There And Let It All Go.  

Save Yourself From Years Of Suffering!  

This Three Days Personal Intensive Will Provide You With A Safe Space To Address Those Painful Events That Left You Struggling And Heartbroken.  

Address Now What You Have Been Tried To Keep Suppressed All These Years.

In This Three Day We Can Get A Lot Done. Feeling Better, Years Of Heavy Weight Will Be Lifted As You Go There, Release The Event And Actually Change It In Your Mind And Body. 

When You Have Tools To Change Your Mind 
You Can Overcome Anything.  

This Is What I Can Help You Do. Just Releasing The Pain And Having Peace Inside Is Worth You Putting You First.  

Make This Investment In You! When You Do You Will Find You Have The Freedom To Accomplish Your Goals And Dreams In Life Because There Is Nothing Holding You Back.

You Are No Longer Stuck You Are Free!  

Join me if you are ready to dive deeper.
I will coach you to discover what is going on in your unconscious mind that is holding you back from the life you want.  If you are tired of being stuck and don't know what to do, then lets get started! The best investment you will ever make is in you. 

This commitment goes both ways.

I am committed to helping you reach the
success you are looking for.
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